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The winner is Whimp!

👤Ake Vader 3 Comments 🕔2013-11-10 22:39:00
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It ended up being Whimp who prevailed in this first tournament on Refragged, congratulations! Thanks to everyone for participating and having a good time!

Unfortunately not all groups were filled with players and a couple dropped off during the evening as well. The length/format of the tournament is something to consider for next time i guess.


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    🕔2013-11-11 18:16:00


    Would be nice to get it shorter, or give a whole day timeframe. I mean, I would appriciate some rest somewhere within the matches, I felt myself as a brainless zombie at the end of it:)

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    🕔2013-11-11 16:13:00

    Ake Vader

    I'm hoping a shorter tournament without group stage will help in keeping momentum in the tournament. May be too short tournaments then but on the other hand the players who are knocked out can always play against eachother or spectate the rest of the games. Main thing is to get the activity going in a fun environment! :)

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    🕔2013-11-10 23:02:00


    should have some sort of time availability info through a form when signing to a tournament.

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