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THIS SATURDAY! Be online 1700 CET if you want to watch draft. - Captains be here 16:30 please. When to show up, captain status, little about selection, map pool and structure.
Draft will likely begin January 16'th 1700 cet - when we will have the actual

We need captains! Come find me if you can do it!

Unless something really unexpected happens, the draft will start at 17:00 cet on the Saturday of 16'th January!

The draft will either be streamed on twitch (link will be updated here) or we will do it over IRC in #sundayspawnfraggin or another channel where we have op if it's needed. We most likley begin sometime after 17:00, meaning 17:15 or 17:30.

The games will most likely begin on the same day, so everyone needs to be online around 1730 CET if they want to play.

The selection process:
Each captain gets seeded, after agreed upon skill level. The least skilled starts picking and we cycle through the captains until everyone has picked one player, then keep going until everyone has been picked.

The map pool will also be decided on the same date. Expect TB3 + 2/4

The draft will most likely be a league system, similar to EQL, with BO3/5's, where top 4 teams go into a playoff bracket.

*There is a possibility the draft could take a break in middle of January, as a captain is vacationing. We will try to play as many games as possible before then - And if we have to take a break the draft continues 1'st feb.


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