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Captains have picked

👤ocoini 4 Comments 🕔2016-01-16 18:39:00
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Trying a match date - gather your teams - will be this Wednesday 20'th! Be on irc around 1900 cet ! Get in touch with your captain.

Captains have picked and draft teams are ready. We also decided on maps and structure going forward. MM3/voice IP info.

If you want to rewatch the draft here is the link.
Apologize for not recording ocoini's voice on stream throughout, it could be slightly strange to listen before i notice that I had push to speak on in stream software. You might be confused about who is talking at what time as well. But we are an informal bunch =)
Here are the teams and the MM3/voice server TS3: There should be a channel for each team to use on this IP:

Keystompers: Gather in IRC channel #Keystompers and #sundayspawnfraggin
Dimman, javve, OK98, Norules, VVD, Macisum, pew, sCorp

Blood And his euRopean Friends: Gather in IRC channel #BARF and #sundayspawnfraggin
blood dog, RIO, Kopytko, Henu, Dopeskillz, ocoini, Turb, Link

Failtrain Gather in IRC channel #failtrain and #sundayspawnfraggin
mm, Overflow, Koka, Lake, Timon, Lurq, Klice, Daux, Brown

Shenanigans: Gather in IRC channel #Shenanigans and #sundayspawnfraggin
Creature, Nigve, Greco, Panjabi, Hagge, Meag, Ender, Gawlo

Korvspad: Gather in IRC channel #Korvspad and #sundayspawnfraggin
Xantom, Muff1n, Kip, Paniagua, Darff, GoldenHorse, Drake

Milton's team: Gather in IRC channel # and #sundayspawnfraggin
Milton, Locktar, Er, Aikon, Dev, Erlend, Bagov

Maps: TB3 + Cmt1b, Cmt3, Cmt4, Schloss Adler.

It's important that you contact your captain asap, or otherwise pm ocoini saying you got the teams so i can forward information you might need. Stay online on IRC as much as possible.

Structure: Like the EQL, we will have a league - All the teams play each other once in a Best of 3.

The schedule of the games will be arranged - on a game to game basis.
Expect Sundays - But otherwise keep in touch with your captain or ocoini.


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