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Rules of engament!

👤ocoini 0 Comments 🕔2016-01-22 19:50:00
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Starting Sunday 31'st January ALL matches will be fixed schedule for 19:00 CET.
Msterclass in 'How to Schedule' matches.

You signed up for a 4on4 draft tournament!
Were you planning on just popping in on random times and seeing if there was a game going?
Or perhaps saying you were going to show up, but then DON'T. Just for laughs!

How were you expecting to play with your teammates and against four other people with that kind of attitude?

Starting Sunday 31'st January - At Sundays ALL matches will be official games. I will be making a schedule and update this post in the coming days on who you are playing.

You are expected to show up on 19:00 CET or explain to your teammates why you can't be there at seven each Sunday.
You can also leave ocoini a pm on IRC if you can't reach your captain.

If you have a good excuse, we would much rather know that then not knowing anything at all.

Outside of this EVERYONE is expected to be showing up.
At the absolutely minimum least you are expected to make an effort into telling your captain when you are unavailable.

Failing to leave a message to your captain, or not showing up when you say you will; WILL get you removed from the tournament - Within reason.

This isn't personal, 100% of you guys are great - but we can't get games going if you people aren't showing up or trying to make an effort.

Now, seeing as the first week of this tournament had a slow start due to various reasons - Here is a quick little guide on how to schedule a match.

(You can all of course schedule matches outside of the Sundays! As long as one game is played pr week, I believe we will have to be happy with that. But do try to play more than that. EQL will be starting faster than we know. )

'How to Schedule' matches:

Class is now in session, you will be learning 1 - how to schedule matches. 2 - How to be informative and clear in your feedback to your teammates. 3 - basic don't be a douche, introduction course..:

Now the typical thing everyone here is accustomed to is scheduling matches. If your not, pay attention!
You contact the other team, and ask for a time to play DIRECTLY- by PM. Spamming in a channel doesn't work to well it seems.

To do this we need to find out two things:
1 - When can you and your teammates play?
2 - When can your opponents play?

Now to find out 1 here; asking is a good way to go! Or you can use the schedule poll i made for everyone. Then make an assumption on when would be the best time for your team.

If you haven't filled out the schedule poll, it should be in your channel topic, or ask someone on your team for it!

It's _everyone_ on the teams responsibility to play their games. (You all WANT to play, right? Otherwise, tell me and I can kick you out =) But we will come back to Number 1 again.

In the meantime:
For number 2 - You simply ask them.
Now you will probably get an answer like. "I dunno..." or "I don't know if we have four.."; or if it's a GOOD team they will say - "We can't on that date, can you play on X instead?"

Now depending on their answer; your best bet is to just AGREE ON A TIME REGARDLESS if they know they have four or not.
You just agree to meet at a certain time, even without knowing the status of your entire team. You tell your opponent "I'm not sure we have 4, but I will try to get them!"

You have now successfully scheduled a match - Congratulations!

Now before this certain time is, you will be working on number 1 again like this example:

Now - you place the match date and against whom in the topic, with a nice little display that prompts people to fill it out! Perhaps like so: X vs Y on Thursday at 19:45 : Signup here :: Lamer, NeverEarly, Mr.Wontshow , X, X, ,X.

You also PM or spam the channel like your on drugs, making sure that everyone on your team has noticed the topic, and can sign it, give people op, or remove the only op change topic requirement on the channel.

If you personally see this topic in your channel. There is a scheduled match; but you can't play on that precise time.
Put your name up and inside one of these you write something like - Mr.WontShow (I can't at 19:45, here at 20:00 CET!) X ,X ,X.

You have just done a good deed for your team and Quakeworld!

Now the tough part. You have to actually be there at the time you say.
I can't help you with that. I suggest perhaps some kind of Rolodex system? Or a calendar book?

If you say you will be there, but don't show, have your perfect excuses book ready!

Remember when lifting heavy objects, bend your knees, not your back!

Kay, see ya Sunday!


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