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👤ocoini 0 Comments 🕔2016-01-31 22:41:00
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Will update this post when I get more time.
updated the scores, I think I missed one match? foppa was down when i was collecting demos.

Quickly now - The #failtrain team will probably be disbanded, not enough showed up on Sunday to have their participation be viable.

If you are on #failtrain team, believe you can show up on sundays - come talk to me if you still want to play - The active players from #failtrain have been assigned to new teams.

Here are the "new" teams of active players - If you're not on this list, consider this your first warning. Last chance to show up or leave msg to oco/captains will be next Sunday.
Make sure to get your captain to tell oco - so best bet is to contact me first, then ill tell captains if you can't play next sunday.

Active players list::
*notice team changes of some players that were on Failtrain before.

Dimman, OK98, Pew, Wimpeeh, Norules, Lurq.

All active

Xantom, Muffin, Kip, Paniagua, Goldenhorse, Timon

Creature, Nigve, Meag, Hooraytio, Daux, Aimer7

Milton :
Milton, Aikon, Dev, Erlend, Bagov, Koka

(clarifying no-one has been dropped, you can still try to show up on Sunday!
I'll update this post at a later time!


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