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8on8 madness!

👤ocoini 0 Comments 🕔2016-03-20 19:13:00
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The 27.03 we will try to run a 8on8. But this depends on how many sign up/show up - It could be limited to 5on5/6on6/etc.. or expanded to 10on10.

We'll see what happens...!

The map will most likely be Death32c - but again, depending on how many signs up.

Example 32 people show up - we make 4 groups with 8 people each.

if 20 people show up we could make 4 teams with 5 - or make 2 teams with 10.

Then either make a tournament out of it, or just mix the teams and have some madness fun =)

We'll decides on match day together!
This coming Sunday!


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