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Rookie Classic Cup #2 on Sunday

👤Ake Vader 7 Comments 🕔2013-11-11 15:57:00
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The second rookie cup will be hosted on Sunday and there will be a couple of changes compared to the last cup.

Compared to the last cup, the start time will be one hour later at 2013-11-17 19:00CET and the format will be a single elimination playoff only in order to keep the cup shorter and invite for more casual participation.

Half an hour prior to the tournament the participants will also need to check in on the website (basically just click a button) in order to be allowed to participate. This is done in order to be 100% sure about which players are actually present, so we can enjoy a smooth tournament with a minimum number of uncertainties.

View the tournament info page for details on rules etc


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    🕔2013-11-15 19:12:00


    No, I won't convince you to anything. =) As this is meant to be a casual tournament I think we don't need a schedule as long as it works.

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    🕔2013-11-15 15:48:00

    Ake Vader

    ...with that being said i would prefer the games being played as fast as possible. ;)

  3. User photo thumbnail missing
    🕔2013-11-15 15:43:00

    Ake Vader

    nix: I haven't structured it to that detail and won't do it this time either as i don't think it will be necessary, thinking the cup will flow good enough without it. Feel free to convince me to think different though. :)

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    🕔2013-11-15 13:31:00


    great idea, looking forward to some competitive qw play after the best part of 10 years away, best brush up on some moves!

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    🕔2013-11-15 11:28:00


    I couldn't find any information on this. How is the schedule? We start at 19CET and then we have a certain amount of time for the first round (40mins?) and then next round starts 19:40 and if we only need 20 mins for our first game we have a 20 mins break? Or do we play the games as fast as possible?

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    🕔2013-11-13 20:44:00

    Ake Vader

    Late reply but it's the same type of level this time as well. I won't extend it for now, sorry. :\

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    🕔2013-11-11 19:52:00


    Can I join this time around or is it focused on the same type of level this time around? :)
    It's superduper that you organize this Ake Vader!

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