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The winner is Sae!

👤Ake Vader 4 Comments 🕔2013-11-17 22:08:00
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Congratulations to Sae for winning the second instance of the Rookie Classic cup.

The opponent in the final was Shamby from Germany who also played very well, but didn't go just all the way this time.

Thanks to everyone who participated and don't miss out on even more action next Sunday!

Rookie Classic Cup #3


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    🕔2013-11-18 11:10:00


    Maybe a solution for this is to have a group stage before the knock out phase. And 1+2 of the group enter one tournament and 3+4 enter another tournament. This way, the skill level is more equal and players will get to play more then one game.

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    🕔2013-11-17 23:09:00


    Thanks, sorry Mick i know it's tough but I played a few hours a couple of months ago and that is it since I stopped 8-9 years ago so it's not like I was at all fresh! Think u can see how poor I was in first game. I think oldies are ok, if we play vs decent players we get just as hammered :) Nice little tournament though thanks for organising it!

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    🕔2013-11-17 22:50:00

    Ake Vader

    Well it's hard to judge who should go in and who should not, and this with only ~20 players. Imagine what it will be like with even more signups!

    The only thing that would solve the problem for real is probably a ladder, but i think that's not very interesting unless it's fully automated (ala Willgurht's project).

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    🕔2013-11-17 22:38:00


    More ROOKIES next sunday. Less oldies :)

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