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Rookie Classic Cup 29th Oct 2014 open for signups

👤Ake Vader 0 Comments 🕔2014-10-19 23:55:00
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On Wednesday 26th October there will be a rookie classic cup for completely new and low skilled players to compete in.

A rookie classic cup, played on the famous maps DM2, DM4, DM6 Aerowalk and ZTNDM3, is arranged on Sunday. It's a single-elimination cup and matches are decided in a best-of-three maps series. The cup caters for new or extremely low skilled players who wants a relaxed evening where they face equally skilled players under competitive conditions.

You can go ahead and sign up right now. Be aware though that signing up does not guarantee you a spot in the cup as it is aimed towards low skilled players. Even if you are a low skilled player you also need to make sure that you also check-in on time prior to the cup on Sunday, this is done via the cup website. Also make sure to join the chat when the cup is about to start to communicate with your opponents!

Some short info:
Check-in open: 18:30CEST
Check-in close: 19:00CEST
Cup start: 19:00CEST
Cup ends: 23:00CEST (indicative time)
IRC Channel: #Refragged on Quakenet (or use the "chat" button in the top menu)

Head on over to read more info and the rules


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