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QuakeWorld 2on2 Tournament starting

👤ocoini 2 Comments 🕔2015-10-05 00:08:00
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The Major 2on2 tournament of 2015 is about to start. Signups are open right here and now!

And we are off!
The signups were a bit delayed and we apologize for that. But now we are finally on our way for what will probably be the biggest 2on2 tournament of 2015!

There are a maximum of 3 players per team, so make sure to fill your team up if you believe there will be problems with activity.

The map pool is finalized, and we are now considering how the deadlines for games will be.

Interestingly there are two different map selections techniques. One for the top teams, which will make them have to use the "remove/toss map" when selecting maps to be played. While the lower divisions will be able to pick their own maps.
- Division one, and division one only, will be using the "toss away map" technique:
- Type "/cmd rnd teamname1 teamname2" in console to choose who tosses away map first. Both teams then alternate removing maps until five maps have been removed from the pool.
The loser of the /cmd rnd decided what map to play first of the two remaining.
The last map tossed away is the decider map in a tie.
- For Playoff(brackets) play: Three maps are tossed away, and the decider is the last map tossed away.

- Division two and lower will be using a "Pick map" technique:
Type "/cmd rnd teamname1 teamname2" in console to decide who picks first map from the pool of seven maps.
In a tie situation each team removes two maps each from the remaining five maps. The map remaining after four maps have been dropped is the decider map.
Make sure to give feedback on the forum or if you have any questions/suggestions.

There is also a possibiliy to sign up without having a teammate - you will be assigned one - come talk to veRRo or ocoini on IRC =)

Remember to help spread the word so we manage to get as many players as possible!

If you're not already familiar with the site, Ake Vader wrote a little about how to signup: Procedure goes like this:

  • Register as a user on the site, this will be your own account and can in the future be used for other tournaments hosted on the site
  • Login
  • Register a team (you have a link for this when you are logged in)
  • Set a password for your team, this shall then be handed out to the teammate(s) you are going to play with. They will be able to see a "Join team" button on the team profile page. When clicking it, they are asked to supply the password. If it's correct they get added to the team's main squad.
  • Sign up your team for the tournament itself, this is done on the tournament section clicking the "Sign up" link
  • After having signed up you also need to define your tournament squad, this is done on the tournament page clicking the "Manage squad" link. Here you get to choose what players from your main squad that shall be participating in this tournament. Naturally it should be everyone. This is also where you request new player additions later in the tournament (if it's allowed) and admins have to approve the players etc.


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    🕔2015-10-12 20:12:00


    True, i also hope there will be enough teams to create divisions that are as even as possible.


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    🕔2015-10-05 19:38:00

    Ake Vader

    If there are questions or technical problems with the site then let me know and i'll try get on it asap. :)

    Hope the comp will be a success! \o/

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