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Don't forget to add players

👤Ake Vader 4 Comments 🕔2015-10-09 12:55:00
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If you have signed up for the tournament, when don't forget to add players from your main squad to the actual tournament.

The main team squad defines what members are in your team on the site "overall". However, you also need to define what players you want to be available in the tournament that you have signed up for. It may seem redundant, but it's to be able to track what players have played in which tournaments on the site.

Link to player management for this tournament: Manage squad


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    🕔2015-10-31 22:57:00


    Nice work Ake!

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    🕔2015-10-10 22:12:00

    Ake Vader

    This last step i could probably automate so all players gets added when signing up.

    The basic stuff like each player requiring an account, creating teams etc is however required and i don't really see a good, generic alternative that won't end in chaos after a while.

    It's also a bit of an extra hassle this first tournament. Next 2on2 tournament you want to play with your team you probably already have all players you want on your team, then you head straight on to the signup page. Also applies for 4on4 tournaments ofc.

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    🕔2015-10-10 12:50:00


    It´s a little bit of a hassle to signup, is there any way to cut off a few steps?

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    🕔2015-10-09 12:58:00

    Ake Vader

    When having added players successfully they will show up on the players page.

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