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Tournament Starting this Sunday!

👤ocoini 4 Comments 🕔2015-11-03 11:33:00
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Tournament start, League divisions, playoff and scheduling information and request for help spreading the Shifter map to servers.

I have emailed a lot of the server admins to update the Shifter map. If you have any connections, please make sure to forward it to your server admin. Here's the download link for Foogs final version of the map: .

This weekend we will generate the leagues and on the forthcoming Sunday 8'th November the tournament will begin.

There were some back-and-fourth if we were going with three divisions or four. This was mostly my doing; as I felt that four divisions will give us a better chance to complete the tournament before people go MIA in the holiday season. We have however finally settled on three divisions with a focus on skill level and because the people active on the forum wanted more games.
As such there will be two big divisions for the regular players and the third will be reserved for the rookies and those that have a massive ping disadvantage playing in Europe + being not among the very best.

As we have two quite big divisions we will put together a schedule for playing your games. The schedule is meant as help and wont be punished if you don't follow it; as long as you are playing games.

There will come penalties for being unactive however. The worst offense you can do is not showing up on an agreed time for match, second to that is not scheduling your games with enemy teams.
If you are generally 'acting' unreachable and thinking "We can catch up later", we will probably notice and give enemy teams a WO based on the schedule we setup.

None of us have time to waste on people that don't show an interest in playing. In general idling on IRC in #div99 is the safest way for us to notice you are around. Seeing as #quakeworld is kinda idle we don't check the channel to often - but if you prefer that is also an option.
Double check, right now, that you have left an IRC channel on your team profile.

As we only have two none-european teams; you are not required to play outside Europe. But I would like to encourage players to show some solidarity with the minority and offer to play one map on their continent, especially if you believe your team to be much stronger and you won map one.
Most importantly this would be a nice gesture! Especially to Svit and Dev (O Clã) in division three, as Svit is returning to Quake from long absence :)
Remember to always ping up, don't make enemy team ask for it, the maximum you HAVE to ping is 90ms, but pinging equal is an even greater gesture!

Under are the expected divisions: If you believe you have been misplaced, contact us =)

*Remember division one is the one using the tossing of maps when it comes to how to select maps. While the others use a picking method, check the info link on the right side of site.

*For divisions three we are considering having each team play each other twice. Check the info section on Sunday !

Division 1

* SD 'Sudden Death'
- carapace
- Rikoll

* f0m 'Fragomatic'
- Milton
- XantoM

* c88 'c88'
- mm
- moltas
- wimpeh

* 3b 'BeerBearBalalaika'
- Murz1k
- Bulat

* P!ng 'P!ng'
- BlooD_DoG
- Bogojoker

* HOV1 'Hovets nya hunkar'
- rio
- LethalWiz

- andeh
- feffe
- LocKtar

* 020 '020' - Dopas
- grc
- shaka

* Snow 'Serenity Now'
- nigve
- badass

Division 2

* -1 'Div Sub-Zero'
- raket

* RDM 'Random'
- kopytk0
- norules

* para 'Paras'
- Panjabi
- heag
- Teho

* SS 'Supersonic Sexmachines'
- Jissse
- NPH1337

* fe 'Fatal Error'
- cosmos
- dopeskillz

* TDW 'The Destroyers of all Worlds'
- Klice
- Henu
- ocoini

* 2AM '0200' - aikon
- Lurq
- pew

* DC 'Drunk3n Cl4mz'
- z0mbie90
- Turb

* Qs 'Quick_shower'
- LeopolD
- paniagua

* GOD 'Gambina O.D.'
- qtio
- pernanmaistaja

Division 3

* *TR 'The respawners'- Mission
- veRRo

* SP 'SopaRent' - sopa
- Rent

* 6 - O Clã
- svit
- dev

* bigmeat - 'BM'
- zzuper
- szybkiLOPEZ

* Y - YetAnotherTeam
- Sss
- Jon Snow
- sCorp

GL - Remember if you have two people on your team consider getting a third player.
If you lose your teammate for whatever reason or need to add a fourth to be able to play your games, come talk to us! =)

Playoff information will come as we get closer to the end of the league play.

We will see how active everyone is, and possibly have a Christmas / Newyears break in the tournament before playoffs.

//its ocoini like locoitalianlastname!


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    1Div Sub-ZeroRaket, VVD-22.11.201529.11.201506.12.201513.12.201522.11.201529.11.201506.12.201522.11.201513.12.2015
    2Drunk3n Cl4mzTurb, z0det, z0mbie9022.11.2015-13.12.201529.11.201506.12.201513.12.201522.11.201529.11.201513.12.201506.12.2015
    30200Aikon, Lurq, pew29.11.201513.12.2015-22.11.201522.11.201506.12.201513.12.201529.11.201506.12.201506.12.2015
    4Gambina O.DPernanmaistaja, qtio06.12.201529.11.201522.11.2015-13.12.201529.11.201506.12.201513.12.201522.11.201529.11.2015
    5Fatal ErrorCosmos, dopeskillz13.12.201506.12.201522.11.201513.12.2015-22.11.201529.11.201506.12.201529.11.201522.11.2015
    6ParasPanjabi, heag, Teho22.11.201513.12.201506.12.201529.11.201522.11.2015-06.12.201529.11.201529.11.201513.12.2015
    7Quick ShowerLeopolD, Paniagua29.11.201522.11.201513.12.201506.12.201529.11.201506.12.2015-22.11.201506.12.201513.12.2015
    8Randomkopytk0, Norules06.12.201529.11.201529.11.201513.12.201506.12.201529.11.201522.11.2015-13.12.201522.11.2015
    9The Destroyers of all WorldsKlice, HENU, ocoini22.11.201513.12.201506.12.201522.11.201529.11.201529.11.201506.12.201513.12.2015-22.11.2015
    10Supersonic SexmachinesJissse, NPH13.12.201506.12.201506.12.201529.11.201522.11.201513.12.201513.12.201522.11.201522.11.2015-

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    made the scheduling info till someone(whoever) makes a newspost about it. Its an .odt textfile.

    - gonna start on a review of each div/teams here and there when I have time.

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