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Scheduling and Walkovers

👤ocoini 2 Comments 🕔2015-11-14 17:08:00
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Where to find players, scheduling and deadlines link.

*VVD's more internet friendly fixup :)

Rocky start, hopefully we get more activity soon.

To find opponents hang out in these channels: #quakeworld and #div99 -

Here's the scheduling original .odt text file schedule:

VVD's more internet friendly fixup :)

This is a suggested deadline schedule. If you arrange matches for later that is OK - but if we pass a deadline date we will probably come asking why you haven't played yet.

We will use this schedule(the file) as a base for giving out Walkovers as well. If a team comes to us and says they can't find you, and it has passed the schedule deadline - and we can't find you either don't be surprised if the enemy team gets a walkover.

In general come to veRRo with any problems ! =)



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    🕔2015-11-15 15:46:00


    Woop woop, thanks ! =)

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    🕔2015-11-14 23:34:00

    Ake Vader

    Made links out of the url's, the classic [ url ] tags work.

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