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Classic cup on Sunday 1st of June

👤Ake Vader 0 Comments 🕔2014-05-26 19:45:00
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On Sunday the 1st of June there will be a classic cup open for everyone played during the evening between 19:00 to 23:00CEST.

On Sunday it's possible to get some games going in a single elimination tournament featuring the classic map pool DM2, DM4, DM6, ZTNDM3 and Aerowalk.

In order to participate you should register on the website (if you don't already have an account), login and then sign up for the tournament by navigating the menu on your right. During the day of the tournament you are also required to check-in using the menu on the left as well to indicate that you are indeed available to play.

Gathering place for the tournament is #Refragged on QuakeNet IRC.

Good luck and have fun!


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