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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note that some of the answers below presumes that your QuakeWorld installation has been done by downloading nQuake (which includes the QuakeWorld shareware and the ezQuake client among other things) from
  1. Where can i find demos from the match i just played?

    The demos are normally stored on the server if the server was using the KTX mod (which 99.9% of the servers are nowadays). The commands that one need to know in order to download the demos after a match are cmd dlist and cmd dl <demo_number>.

    When typing cmd dlist a list of all the latest played games on the server will be displayed. First in the filename a unique ID will be displayed for each demo, this is the ID to use in the cmd dl <demo_number> command.

    Downloaded demos can be found in the directory:
  2. Where can i find match logs from the match i just played?

    Make sure that you have match_auto_logconsole "2" set in ezQuake. This will save a log of the console output (frag messages etc) after each game.

    Saved match logs can be found in the directory:

    The logs are used on the Refragged page for statistical purposes and are uploaded along with the demos when reporting the result of a match.