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Playoff 2013-11-10 whimp dk.gif VS. hu.gif Snow 2:0 0
Playoff 2013-11-10 Snow hu.gif VS. unknown.gif Respawn 2:0 0
Playoff 2013-11-10 Turb gb.gif VS. unknown.gif Respawn 1:2 0
Playoff 2013-11-10 Phex se.gif VS. dk.gif whimp 1:2 1
Playoff 2013-11-10 diehuman pt.gif VS. hu.gif Snow 1:2 0


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The winner is Whimp!(3)

It ended up being Whimp who prevailed in this first tournament on Refragged, congratulations! Thanks to everyone for participating and having a good time!

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I realised there is no indication of who faces who in the playoff. Read on to see what it looks like.

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Introduction of the first rookie cup(0)

Welcome to the Refragged Rookie Classic Cup #1! To kick things off we start with a one-day rookie cup on Sunday played on the maps DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk and ZTNDM3.

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