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Playoff 2014-10-19 Bolwind us.gif VS. fr.gif Klice 2:0 0
Playoff 2014-10-19 Klice fr.gif VS. se.gif z0mbie90 2:1 0
Playoff 2014-10-19 Bolwind us.gif VS. gb.gif skint 2:1 0
Playoff 2014-10-19 motig hu.gif VS. fr.gif Klice 0:2 0
Playoff 2014-10-19 petska ru.gif VS. us.gif Bolwind 0:2 0


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Join the chat if you're in the cup(0)

If you're playing in the Rookie Classic Cup tonight you're encouraged to join the #Refragged chat channel on Quakenet IRC. This can also be done via the "Chat" button in the top menu.

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Rookie Classic Cup 19th Oct 2014 open for signups(0)

On the upcoming Sunday 19th October there will be a rookie classic cup for completely new and low skilled players to compete in.

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