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Division 2 2015-12-13 qs af.gif VS. eu.gif -1 0:2 1
Division 2 2015-12-08 2AM se.gif VS. gb.gif fe 0:2 0
Division 1 2015-12-06 SD se.gif VS. se.gif 020 2:0 26
Division 1 2015-12-06 SD se.gif VS. ke.gif P!ng 2:0 1
Division 2 2015-12-02 TDW eu.gif VS. fr.gif SS 1:2 1


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Scheduling and Walkovers(2)

Where to find players, scheduling and deadlines link.

*VVD's more internet friendly fixup :)

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Tournament Starting this Sunday!(4)

Tournament start, League divisions, playoff and scheduling information and request for help spreading the Shifter map to servers.

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Don't forget to add players(4)

If you have signed up for the tournament, when don't forget to add players from your main squad to the actual tournament.

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QuakeWorld 2on2 Tournament starting(2)

The Major 2on2 tournament of 2015 is about to start. Signups are open right here and now!

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