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Tournament Info

Name:D99's 2on2 TDM League
Tournament type:Team
Game Mode:Deathmatch
Team Size:2
Check-in open:2015-10-25 19:00
Check-in close:2015-10-25 19:55
Tournament start:2015-10-25 20:00
Tournament end:2016-01-31 22:00

Note: all times are stated in central european time (CET)!

Map pool

Name Description  
Bravadob5Bravado (Beta 5)
DM4The Bad Place
DM6The Dark Zone
Shifter_b6Shifter (Beta 6)
ZTNDM3Blood Run

Points system

Result Winner points Loser points  



- Teams will be put in the division/groups according to their skillset.

- Matches in the groupstage are bo3
- Playoffs are bo5

How selection of what maps to play work in each division:

- Division one, and division one only, will be using the "toss away map" technique:

Type "/cmd rnd teamname1 teamname2" in console to choose who tosses away map first.
Both teams then alternate removing maps until five maps have been removed from the pool.
The loser of the /cmd rnd decided what map to play first of the two remaining.

In a tie: The last map tossed away is the decider map in a tie.

For Playoff(brackets) play: Same method, less maps tossed away. Three maps are tossed away, and the decider is the last map tossed away. The loser of the /cmd rnd picks first map to play of the remaining maps in pool, teams alternate picking of remainder of pool.

- Division two and lower will be using a "Pick map" technique:

Type "/cmd rnd teamname1 teamname2" in console to decide who picks first map from the pool of seven maps.
In a tie: (1-1) In a tie situation each team removes two maps each from the remaining five maps. The map remaining after four maps have been dropped is the decider map.

For playoffs(brackets) Same method, players alternate picking their map.
In a tie (2-2): Each team removes one map from remaining pool, and the decider is the last map remaining.

- The maximum size of a team consists of 3 players.
- Take screenshots and demos of your games

- HowTo signup f/t league!

* Register on site
* Create team
* Hand out the team password to their team member(s) so they can join, this is done via the team profile page which now has a bright blue "JOIN TEAM" button
* Team owner then signs up the team on the tournament page
* Team owner also has to define a tournament squad, there is a link for this on the tournament menu called "Manage Squad"

* Ping rules:
A "fair server" is required:
Depending where the majority of players hail from; the EU vs America games will be played on the continent where the majority resides. (example: We get majority of EU players, EU vs America games are played on UK server) This will be specified when tournament starts, so you don't have to wonder.

- The team with highest average ping can demand the low ping team to ping up. The maximum ping up is to a total of 90ms.

If both players ping higher than their opponent, the lower ping players pings up to the lowest ping on the high ping team.

(No players are required to ping higher than 90ms if they can ping lower).

(Example: Team A pings 120 60, Team B pings 120 120. The '60' ping player pings up to 90 so team A has 120 90.)

The ping rules can be applied to everyone, no matter where the players come from. (Even on lower pings players can demand a ping up to even out the average. Everything within 5ms is considered OK.

* General fair play rules from other QW tournaments apply here as well, if your not aware of them, here they are:

All rule breaches will, depending on severity, result in one of these four: A player warning, a team warning, a player ban or a team ban.

*New rule - /GL_Outline must be set to 0.

/ruleset must be set to Smackdown (it can be set in the Options -> Player menu.

- No movementscripts (ezquake: cl_idrive must be OFF)
No kfjump or other custom rocketjump scripts or any other kind of movement scripts are not allowed.
This includes mouse macros and third party macro programs.

- Teamoverlay - If ONE team does not want to play with teamoverlay, teamoverlay must be turned off - Suggestion: If you like playing with team overlay ON, stop liking it as the majority of QW does not use or like it.

- No Automated team says

- No radar

- No enemy skin changing depending on health/armour/weapon.

- Clients must respond with All models OK on a f_modifed check.

- Any kind of cheat (wallhack, aimbot, timers or hacked clients

- No Coaching, (timing quad and other items, relaying enemy positions and giving teamplay suggestions, typically over MM3)

(Original rules taken from