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Tournament Info

Name:Rookie Classic Cup 24th Nov 2013
Tournament type:Player
Game Mode:Deathmatch
Team Size:1
Check-in open:2013-11-24 18:30
Check-in close:2013-11-24 19:00
Tournament start:2013-11-24 19:00
Tournament end:2013-11-24 22:00

Note: all times are stated in central european time (CET)!

Map pool

Name Description  
DM4The Bad Place
DM6The Dark Zone
ZTNDM3Blood Run

Points system

Points system not yet set.


01. Introduction

Refragged Rookie Classic Cup is an online QuakeWorld 1on1 deathmatch competition. The tournaments first goal is to provide fun and entertainment for rookies in the QuakeWorld realm.

As many new players are expected in this tournament, simple mistakes will probably be present when it comes to following rules. The bottomline is to have fun, thus the following rules serves as a very heavy guideline. They are also good to be introduced to in order to know what to expect in the general QuakeWorld tournaments, as the technical settings (server settings, allowed clients etc) are basically the same.

02. Registration

The tournament is open for all European QuakeWorld players. However, non-European players are free to sign up as long as they play their matches in Europe.

The fact that you registered for the tournament does not automatically mean that you are accepted to play in it. It is a rookie tournament after all and a certain skill ceiling will be applied to avoid new players getting matched up against veterans who underestimate (be it intentionally or unintentionally) their own skill.

03. Clients

Allowed clients
- ezQuake (>= 2.1)
- FodQuake (>= 0.2)
- FTEQW (>= 1.00)
Standard QWCL, mqwcl and FuhQuake are no longer valid for competition play.
The allowed proxies are Qizmo 2.91 and the latest QWfwd.

Allowed rulesets
- ezQuake: smackdown
- FodQuake: eql
- FTEQW: nqr
Players are required to do f_ruleset checks before game start.
Using disallowed clients/proxies/rulesets will lead to a disqualification.

04. Game settings

Note: typing "1on1" in the console when on a server will trigger the settings below.

Timelimit 10 minutes.
Overtime 3 minutes.
No powerups.
Discharges on.
No fairpacks.
Ktx2 spawns. (unless both players agree on a different mode)
Maxfps 77.
No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
Fallbunny on.

05. Maps

The allowed maps can be viewed in the tournament information section at the top of this page.

A match is played in a best of three maps series. The players choose one map each. If the players can't agree on whose map to play first, it shall be randomised.

If the game is a draw after two maps then the third map is chosen by tossing two of the remaining maps in the map pool. The player who starts tossing is the one whose map was played first in the series.

06. Cheating/Whining/Scripts

Disconnecting voluntarily during a tournament match means a straight walkover.
No unnecessary whining.
Lame people will be treated lame, nice people will be treated nice.
Any kind of idling or lameness will not be tolerated.
Players who cheat, or try to cheat will get a permanent ban from the Refragged site.
Scripts are not allowed in the tournament. Make sure to check that your opponent has them turned off before starting to play.

07. Reporting matches

The winner of the game reports the match results as soon as possible using the 'Report Match' function on the website. If the winner somehow can't provide a match report the other player will get permission to do it.

The match report shall be completed with:
  • Scores
  • Optional: Match log (located in /quake/qw/matchinfo/logs/)
  • Optional: Demos
No match reports will be registered before the match has been reported 100% correct. No exceptions!

08. Servers

Since there are players representing many different nations in the tournament, be prepared to play with higher ping than you're used to.
In general the game can be played on any server both players agree to play on. The admins insist that the players' server choice is done with common sense and that pings are kept as low as possible.

A list of servers can be found on We urge players to use good sportsmanship and show patience when selecting a server to play on and simply try to agree on a server that is acceptable to both players. If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final.

09. Timeframe

All matches in the tournament are played during the same day as it's a one day cup.

10. Tournament system

The tournament uses a single elimination bracket system.

11. Tournament admins

The admins are there to help you, so if you ever need our assistance or have any questions, you can find us in the channel #Refragged, on QuakeNet. Everyone who has @ in front of their nicks should be an admin.